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Hair Care Solutions


People are different and so are their types of hair. This is why there are countless possibilities of creating your own hair care. Would you like to provide a clear and straightforward range of hair care products with a basic line for women’s, men’s and children’s hair? Or do you prefer satisfying the needs of different hair types with shampoo for curly, smooth, thinning, colored, stressed hair and even add an anti-dandruff-shampoo to your product line?


The use of conditioner in addition to shampoo is recommended for best hair care results. Our conditioners are designed as a perfect match to the particular types of shampoo we offer. In this manner the individual demands of different hair types can be met even more effectively.

Specialized Hair Care

Frequent coloring, varying temperatures, rain – our hair is exposed to different challenges every day. This is why additional care is necessary from time to time. Our specialized hair care products can be assigned to complement the basic products shampoo and conditioner so that you can offer the perfect bundle of hair care products.


Hair care is not everything – healthy and good-looking hair also wants to be presented adequately. Different styling products offer a variety of ways to achieve the perfect hair style. Whether curly mane or that just-got-out-of-bed look: We have the right product for every hair style. Or do you have an idea for an especially unusual hair style? We will gladly develop the ideal product for this styling together with you.